December 9, 2012

Healthier eco-friendly way to cover dishes

In our home, we are always looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly, so when I came across BowlOvers I was very interested to use them.  
I think BowlOvers are healthier and environmentally friendly than using plastic wraps.  We can keep our leftovers covered in the fridge, or use it when we rise our bread/pizza dough or soak lentils on the counter.  I found it convenient to use as we can machine wash it.  
These covers made me think how plastic might be harmfully reacting with the food we eat when it is kept in the fridge or counter.      

I like the added touch of the messages that were in the BowlOvers.  This clever, useful, eco-friendly food storage solution is made with 100% cotton and designed in England.  The design of these bowl covers are retro-inspired.  The covers fit snugly over the dishes as it has an elastic band around it.  
There are different sizes with unique messages.  The five collections are original, holiday, Christmas, salad days and vintage gingham.  

These covers are available in England, USA and Canada.  It is sold in a pack of 6 that has 2 of large, medium and small.  The large cover fits over bowl size 8" to 10", medium fits over bowl size 6" to 8" and small fits over bowl size 2" to 4".  These BowlOvers are a staple in every pantry and would make a wonderful hostess gift.
Image from the BowlOvers site
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  1. This sure is handy!!! I'm always using a plate to cover my bowls or saran this idea!

  2. I am always using wrap as we often have leftovers. I like that these are made of cotton! A great alternative to wrap!!

  3. Those are cute, I like the phrases on them!


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