December 3, 2012

Change the world with Chooze

chooze shoes
Inspire spin style Chooze
My daughter enjoys wearing these unique pair of colourful shoes from Chooze.  These shoes are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  The durable outsoles make it a wonderful pair for active play.  They have a variety of choices and beautiful designs of shoes for boys, girls and women.  
There is a reason why these shoes are sold in a pair that matches, but are not the same because Chooze are created to make a difference and impact a change.  The profits from the sales of Chooze are invested in anti-poverty loan programs that enable women in developing countries to lift their families out of extreme poverty.  This is more helpful than giving a donation, as the company believes this gives a hand-up rather than a hand-out.
chooze shoes
This perspective of being different helps us make a positive impact to the world.  These shoes allow children to express their creativity and individuality with confidence.  This initiative helps those in need to better their lives.  It also reminds us of how grateful we should be for having the freedom to make choices because many people in the world don't have this basic human right. 
The company has also thought of a way they could do their share and help the environment as they make their shoe boxes out of recycled cardboard and present it to us has "art boxes" so children can reuse it by colouring and making it their own.  
make a difference so join the journey at  
chooze shoes
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