November 28, 2012

Delicious breakfast goodies from Kellogg Canada

Eggo minis waffles before toasting
Eggo minis waffles are a fun breakfast for kids.  These waffles are light and has a crispy texture after it is toasted.  There are 4 small waffles attached so it is easy to put in the pop up toaster and take it out.  My children think it is fancy and cute so they like having these minis waffles for breakfast, although it tastes same as the classic eggo waffles.  These waffles have 7 essential nutrients and no transfat.      
There are two flavours the Original and the Cinnamon Toast, although I wanted to taste the cinnamon flavour minis waffles I couldn't find them in our local store.  
Before toasting
These Special K flatbread morning sandwiches are a good source of protein that can be easily warmed in the microwave for 90 seconds directly out of the freezer and eaten for breakfast or snack.  
I only tasted the egg with vegetable and pepper jack cheese sandwiches because the other two flavours have ham and sausage that I don't eat due to dietary restrictions.  There are 2 sandwiches per box.  These multigrain flatbread sandwiches have 170 to 240 calories.
This picture is of a thawed sandwich before toasting
Kellogg's Special K also has new morning shakes that have 10g of protein and 12 essential nutrients per serving.  This is supposed to be a creamy shake that would be perfect for breakfast or snack.  I couldn't try the shakes as the stores I went to didn't have any of the three flavours vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.  This shake comes in a container with a resealable lid and is designed to take on-the-go so it fits inside our purse or bag.  There are 4 shakes in a package.  I am looking forward to find these and taste the shakes.
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