November 7, 2012

Canada Goose will keep us warm in the harshest of cold climates

Canada Goose has been proudly manufacturing jackets for over 50 years in Canada.  I totally think they understand all the features we need in a jacket to stay warm during cold climates.  The authenticity, ingenuity and the years of manufacturing makes these jackets special.  All Canada Goose jackets have an Arctic disc symbol that depicts the features of the traditional Arctic map and creates a sense of community.   
The vision of the Canada Goose jackets are born in the designing room, where about 56 pieces are needed for an average jacket to be perfectly mapped out, cut and sewn. The craftsmen at Canada Goose use a variety of tools, including the Fedlock Dual feed sewing machine from the late 1920s to make these extraordinary outerwear.  The whole process of creating the jackets are monitored by experienced, skilled people that have been a part of the Canada Goose team for over 25 years.  They make sure no thread is overlooked as they inspect each jacket by hand to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Each ounce of down used in the jackets are about 2 million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap to create insulating pockets of air, which will keep us warm in the harshest of cold weather.  The down is used from the poultry industry, so no birds are harmed for the purpose of getting the feather.  Canada Goose only uses hypo-allergenic, lab-tested feathers and down from the Feather Industries approved vendors so all policies, philosophical and ethical positions are shared.  I don't own a Canada Goose jacket, however when I wore a variety of jackets at the Canada Goose 2012 Fall & Winter fashion collection event held in Toronto, I felt the coziness and comfort of these jackets.  Canada Goose says, that if we care for our jackets well it will last for generations.    
Most Canada Goose jackets have Canadian coyote fur around the hoods for functional purposes and not for fashion.  Canada Goose spokesperson said, the reason they have always used coyote fur in their hoods are because it doesn't hold water, never freezes and the uneven length of hair on the fur creates a windbreak protecting our skin and face from frostbite.  Canada Goose will continue to use coyote fur in some of their jacket hoods for functional purposes and also because this supports sustainable industry and the way Canadian aboriginal communities in the North live.  If you are not into the fur and will not need the fur, there is an option to remove it or buy Canada Goose jackets that don't have the fur.  
The jackets are lightweight and perfectly stitched, as I didn't see any feather plucking out.  The fashionable and functional designs are well thought-out, which makes the jackets ideal for all types of winter activities.  There were a variety of jacket choices for us to choose from i.e. different colour, designs and lengths... but I instantly fell for the berry coloured, knee length jacket :) I like the special features of the jackets such as the extra long fleece lined stretch cuffs that have thumb holes.  

Canada Goose has a wide collection of jackets for men, women and children to suit all types of lifestyles.  Canada Goose also has quality accessories such as headwear, neckwear, gloves, scarves, mitts etc... that we all need during the season.  I really like their 100% knit cozy merino wool scarf, which is already keeping me warm.

These jackets sold all over the world keep many people from freezing during the harsh cold climates.  When buying Canada Goose make sure it is authentic because there are lots of counterfeits.  Here is a link to the online stores and retailers. 
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  1. Hello Akheela, my daughter told me abt your site. Happy to follow you. I have a blog for crafts. do visit when you get time.

  2. I LOVE my Canada Goose jacket. A little pricey but worth every penny. Beware of all the fakes out there! You will rarely find a "deal" on Canada Goose jackets so if it seems like a bargain it's probably a fake!

  3. Now I understand why they are worth the investment. Thanks for your in-depth story

  4. My friend has one of these jackets and she LOVES it and says it was worth the money - keeps her very warm. Thanks for the post!

  5. These are great quality jackets, quite expensive but my friend sold his jackets after 2 winters of wearing and even used ones in high demand so I think the quality rocks.

  6. I do like their jackets. they are so warm and stylish.

  7. I've heard great things about this company - I'd love to one a Canada Goose jacket!

  8. I have heard wonderful things about these jackets. They are so warm & stylish.


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