June 19, 2012

Radio Rebel and Tinker Bell

Disney's Secret of the Wings is coming on Blu-ray combo pack and DVD on October 23rd.  Tinker Bell and her friends will be introducing a sparkling new winter fairy Periwinkle.  For Tinker Bell and her warm season fairies, the Winter Woods are a mysterious forbidden place.  We are excited and waiting to watch this movie at home.

Last weekend, we enjoyed watching Radio Rebel.  This DVD movie is about friendship, high school crushes, prom, competitions among the popular and not so popular kids in high school and more.  
Debby Ryan's character is a girl with a shy personality that hosts a radio show anonymously.  This show becomes popular among many people and everybody likes listening to it and following what she says.  She wants to keep her identity secretive, however everyone wants to find out who she really is.  She gets elected to become the prom queen so she has to reveal her identity to everyone in her school.  
This is funny movie girls will enjoy watching.  There were many dialogues about being our self and respecting others.

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