June 22, 2012

Made from Earth moisturizer and soaps

Made from Earth moisturizer and soaps
This vitamin C daily moisturizer from Made from Earth contains the highest possible content of vitamin C.  Since Vitamin C encourages the production of collagen it will brighten and soften the skin. The cream will protect, repairer and moisture the skin. This cream can be worn under sunscreen to boost the effectiveness of the sunscreen, prevents sunburn and aids hyper pigmentation and discolouration of the skin from frequent sun exposure.  
This moisturizer contains coconut oil, which we know is an excellent remedy, irritant free for dry skin, delays appearance of fine lines and heals bruised damaged skin cells.  

The cream has evening prime rose oil, which is a good anti-inflammatory for itchy skin. This brightens skin tone, moistures and dehydrates.
Made from Earth moisturizer and soaps
This lovely thick bar of soaps, the blood orange and lavender calm are excellent to use all over the body when we shower. The blood orange soap has a faint zesty natural scent. The soap is a light moisturizer and it leaves the body refreshed. The soap has blood orange essential oils, which has more antioxidants than regular oranges. This soap can also be used to recover problematic skin.  

The relaxing essential oils in the lavender soap softens and cleanse our skin. This has a calming scent that helps those who have sensitive skin. This soap is made with 100% vegetable based plant roots. I use these soap bars regularly and like it.

I have been using Made from Earth products for a while now and I highly recommend their shampoo and conditioner. It would be easy for us if the products become available in all the stores because it is really good. However the company concentrates on the quality of the products so they only sell it online to keep the cost low.

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