June 26, 2012

Campus books

If any of you are looking to get textbooks and want to save money, then check out this CampusBookRentals program where we can rent the books instead of buying it.

By using this program we can save 40 to 90% off bookstore prices, free shipping both ways, can use it like our own book by highlighting if needed :), flexible renting periods just in case we end up needing the book for longer, this program makes donations to operation smile with each textbook that is rented and many more perks.  Here are all the details on how to rent the textbooks.

We have to type either the name of the book, author, keyword or ISBN number and it will show the details on the side, it also has a link to amazon on the page so we can buy the book from Amazon if we need to.

Although I haven't used this program firsthand, I think it is a good idea.  When I was in Campus, I spent hundreds of dollars on textbooks and got stuck with the books when the editions changed.  It is hard to get rid of valuable books once we no longer need it. I am glad CampusBookRentals also buys our textbooks.  
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  1. Wow, this sounds great! Studentscan take the full benefit of this!!


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