April 3, 2012

Nutella Crêpe and French café playhouse

French café playhouse
Kate Fagelman, the mompreneur of Little play spaces made this creative Parisian style café with recycled corrugated cardboard. This eco-friendly French café has lots of beautiful artistic detail.
The creative design spur children's imagination. Some of the well thought-out details are the chalkboard menu, rue de sign, open and close sliding sign, the picture of the poodle that looks very real, the awning that can be opened or closed, the café sign, the shelves inside, the restaurant table menu, the lights, the bicycle picture outside etc... These add lots of fun and open conversations.
French café playhouse
Both my daughter and son are thrilled by this playhouse and have hours of fun with it. The back part of the playhouse can be closed or opened so children can go through the front door and the back door :) The playhouse is intended for children 2 years and over. It does encourage creative play and conversation in French because of its atmosphere.

When not in use the 60" x 48" x 48" playhouse can be folded and put away. It is easy to setup each time because the instructions are printed inside.

The playhouse ships flat to USA and Canada, so do take a look at this eco-friendly fun cafe and enjoy avec vos enfants chéris.
nutella crepe
We made french crêpes with Nutella for playtime and snack.
Nutella crêpe
1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 tbsp sugar
1/8 tsp salt
2 eggs
2 tbsp butter softened

Beat the eggs, butter and milk with a whisk then add it to the flour, sugar and salt. Heat a hot griddle and pour about 1 tablespoon and smooth the crêpe in one motion until it is thin with the back of the spoon. Don't lift the spoon and try to smooth again because the crêpe will tear apart.

I used a non-stick griddle and didn't need to add butter or coat. Flip and cook the other side. Remove and spread Nutella, fold and serve.

Bon appétit! Au revoir!
nutella crepe
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  1. How cute is that?! My kids are getting too big for play houses, but they'd have so much fun with this!

  2. That is totally adorable. Wish my kids were still little. And that crepe is wonderful.

  3. That's so beautiful!!
    Creps look delicious...

  4. I think I am drooling over the keyboard so early in the morning.

  5. So cute both the play house and the treat.

  6. You are singing my song with this recipe and I bet they taste really good


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