March 19, 2012

Painting eggs and Joy to share Kinder Canada

We painted eggs using two different techniques. If the egg has been out for more than 2 hours don't consume.

To paint the eggs you will need...

food colouring
rubber band
kitchen paper towel

The tie dye method

Damp a paper towel with water and put about a 1 tbsp of vinegar all over the paper towel. Spread different colour food colouring in a pattern. Place the egg and fold the paper towel to wrap the egg. Pour or sprinkle some water over it. Place a rubber band around it and leave it until the paper towel is dry. Remove the paper towel and see the colourful egg.

Rubber band method

Place a few rubber bands around the egg. Place the egg in 1 tbsp vinegar mixed with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 tsp food colouring for a few hours until it becomes the colour that is preferred.

Kinder values the time we spend with our children throughout the year. Kinder Canada has partnered with Children's Miracle Network to bring joy to families in need. It is important to remember, reflect and be thankful for our blessings and help others in need.

Many families have benefited from Children's Miracle Network, check the Kinder Facebook page to read their stories. It is important for all of us to help our communities in some way i.e. donating or volunteering our time and to remind ourselves and teach our children to be thankful, this will make us humble.

Follow Kinder on twitter @KinderCanada or @KinderCanadaFR, they are giving away 100 Kinder eggs a day for 10 days from March 19th to 30th.

Disclosure: I am part of the Kinder mom program and receive special perks for being part. All opinion and rights reserved on photographs and written content Createwithmom © 2012. Please Ask First


  1. How creative and very timely for the upcoming Easter holiday! The tye dye one is so eye catching and unique. Also, this project does look like it would be fun, definitely a new spin on colored eggs. Glad you posted this one-thanks!

  2. So creative and beautiful, love the presentation:)

  3. Have to add, I grow up with Kinderlada eggs and little cute toy inside, my kids now love them too, real treat!

  4. I love this creative blog. Glad to find it. Thanks!

    A KinderMOM too.

  5. Those eggs turned out beautifully! I will have to try each technique of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful! I can't wait to start dying eggs :)

  7. I love how your eggs turned out - those are so beautiful!

  8. I forgot about how much fun this was as a child. I will start this tradition at Easter this year.

  9. Your eggs came out great! Please come over and link this up to Artsy Play Wednesday (along with any other arts, crafts and play posts--new or old).

  10. What a great way to make them. I usually do solid colors and let the kids put stickers to add to it. Thanks for sharing

  11. I love the idea of wrapping the egg in paper towel to give it that multi-coloured egg. It is so much prettier than the plain colour eggs we usually make.

  12. Hello, CwM. Two totally new ideas for dyeing eggs. Love the looks of these eggs. Thank you for this post, Create with Mom. I appreciate the reminder to Volunteer and to give to our communities - something that often gets forgotten.

  13. love the one with multicolors ! thanks for sharing

  14. I have not painted eggs for a long time. These look great, I will try them with my kids


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