February 23, 2012

Squinkies® Zinkies™

Blip toys released a new line of Squinkies called Zinkies. These new teeny tiny squishy squashy characters are a cute line of mini collectibles. They come in their own plastic toy bubble.

There are six unique sets of Zinkies that are lovely to display when children aren't busy playing. i.e. Snug a bug sunflower, tiny tea party teacups are some of the sets.
Each set comes with 12 zinkies, 4 coloured bubbles, a squeezer; which is a plastic soft tweezer and a magnifying glass.

The tiny toys that include monkey, kitten, horses, and other cute characters have a lot of detail although it is so small. The magnifying glass enables children to take a look at these characters closer and examine it.
It is good toy that test fine motor skills when the children pick it up with their fingers and squeezers to place it in the hiding spots. Both my daughter and son enjoyed playing with the zinkies and were naming each one. I am sure they will start collecting and exchanging these with their friends.

The toys will be available at Target, Walmart, amazon and Toy 'r' us. Squinkies fans already know how cool these toys are as Squinkies bubble packs, cupcake surprise bakeshop, Adventure mall surprise have earned lots of awards since they launched in 2010.

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