December 21, 2011

Nano bridge battle habitat set

We enjoy playing with the Hexbug nano bridge battle habitat set. My children love all types of toys, specially "tech" toys, hence Hexbug toy was well received.
These are innovative toys, which allow children to use their imagination, become creative and inventive when creating bug habitats and playing with the nano bugs. I like the choice of colours they have used in this kit.
The set is very cool, as you can build different unique habitats. Although it is easy for children to assemble the habitats, it is a little difficult for children to remove the pieces on their own. It would be better if the edges are little bit more rounded, so it won't have sharp edges that will prick the fingers or be stepped on. Even adults will enjoy building different habitats :)
Nano bugs are entertaining to watch. These critters vibrate giving a tickly feeling, my children love this as they were using it to tickle each other. The bugs have an on/off button on the bottom. These micro robotic creatures have tiny rubber legs that act like real bugs.

These attractive toys are good for the whole family to play together or to allow children to be entertained for hours on their own. My daughter and son were immediately drawn to Hexbug and enjoy it. They are eager to collect all the variety of bugs and habitats. Hexbugs would be perfect as gifts for boys, girls or adults as it is an entertaining toy :)

Updated: The watch sized batteries on the bugs don't last very long and needs to be replaced often.
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