December 26, 2011

Empire theatres and Happy feet two

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Our experience at the Empire theatres was fabulous. The theatre at North York has parking that is validated. The elevator from the underground parking goes directly to the movie theatre, which is fabulous when it is cold. The manager and all the staff were courteous. The theatre has a pleasant, clean and casual environment. The washrooms are clean, which is very important with young children.

The theatre has 10 rooms that are large, with spacious seatings and bigger screens compared to other theatres. Based on this experience, I will visit Empire theatres again.

We watched Happy feet 2 and enjoyed this funny movie. We loved the different accents of the characters. The children loved some of the songs. I thought there was a lot of songs in the movie which can be reduced, and there could have been more dialogue.

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  1. I loved Happy Feet 1 (we're big kids at heart) - can't wait to check the sequel out =)

  2. It's playing here in Rome actually and I want to go and see it. I am following you. Happy Holidays!

  3. We saw the first one so I know we would love this one, too! Happy New Year! ♥


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