June 18, 2011

Using books with young children and making a toy

Books are the best way to introduce children to new aspects in life, such as welcoming a new baby into the family.

I used this book "Our new baby," when I was expecting my son, to make my daughter feel comfortable and to talk to her about the baby. It made it easier to talk about what we should expect and things that she can do to help... such as playing with the baby, helping out when we change the baby's clothes.

These types of books make older siblings feel happy and proud on what role they will be playing as a family. They won't feel isolated when they are involved in choosing toys and clothes for the baby, instead it will be exciting for them to want a baby in the house.

This book is available here. Here is an activity to go with the book.

My daughter and I made this rattle using recyclable material, I would suggest this activity for 3+ just to be in the safe side.
Even older children can make this to learn about musical instruments and sound.

1 paper towel or toilet paper roll
crayola paint or any paint
stickers or markers to decorate

to fill
different types of dried beans, rice

Cover one side of the paper roll with duct tape, make sure it is secure. Then allow your child to fill the roll with whatever they prefer; let them experiment with the sounds they like to hear when they shake the rattle.
And then cover the other end with duct tape.

Decorate with paint, markers and stickers. Let it dry and then play with it as a rattle or a musical instrument to learn about sounds.

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  2. Great idea. Of course, as a reading teacher, I love seeing blogs about reading to children.

  3. This is a cool idea. JazakAllah Khair, I hope this finds you in good health and Iman.



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