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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Floppets will travel anywhere with us

Floppets are cool, creative, flexible little animal characters that are attached to a Velcro strap.  They would go anywhere you take them :)  We love every character of these cute collectible Floppets.  
Floppets are available in a variety of bright and vibrant characters from animals, birds, aliens, sea creatures, teapots and many more.  Both boys and girls will like collecting and attaching these "pets" to their belongings.  
Floppets can be attached to anything we want such as slippers/flip flops, shoes, bag, lunch boxes, pencils, literally anywhere!  

Floppets are on a Velcro strap that can be linked so a few Floppets can attach together and be worn as bracelets, rings etc.  My daughter is very careful with her "pets", as she makes sure they are safely hanging onto her belongings, hand and hair.    
This toy/accessory is for anyone over 4 years.  I like attaching these cute pets to my handbag and key tag as well :)    
We can include Floppets as a reward children can earn, when they do their chores and homework.  Each Floppet is about $2 and can be purchased in these places. 

Check out Floppets on Facebook to see pictures of all the places Floppets get attached to.  Interesting news of Floppets can be followed on twitter.  

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