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September 9, 2014

Being Proactive For Online Safety with ESET Mobile Security and Giveaway

I pretty much put our lives on my smartphone because of using the calendar to remember appointments, take pictures and videos of my family and places we go, and store all my contacts. Since this information I store is valuable, I like to take proactive steps to protect myself from the information being hacked or stolen. Thankfully I have always been a little cautious to avoid these situation in the past, and recently added the ESET Mobility Security application on our Android smartphone to make me feel better when I use my phone as well as let my children use it.

August 12, 2014

Stay Safe with ESET Mobility Security and Win an Android Tablet

In today’s world, smartphones keep many of us organized and connected. We do everything from banking to emails to scheduling. Our smartphones also serve as our on-demand photo albums, and as an educational and entertainment tool for our children. Due to personal information being stored in our smartphones, they become a target for hackers. For me knowing what threats exist, learning to have safe online habits, and using proactive protection is the best way to stay safe online.