September 9, 2014

Being Proactive For Online Safety with ESET Mobile Security and Giveaway

I pretty much put our lives on my smartphone because of using the calendar to remember appointments, take pictures and videos of my family and places we go, and store all my contacts. Since this information I store is valuable, I like to take proactive steps to protect myself from the information being hacked or stolen. Thankfully I have always been a little cautious to avoid these situation in the past, and recently added the ESET Mobility Security application on our Android smartphone to make me feel better when I use my phone as well as let my children use it.
I like that the ESET Mobile Security gives my family and I that protection and peace of mind, so we can use our smartphone and explore the web with confidence while being protected by ESET’s Antivirus technology that scans files, websites and emails 24/7.
Anti-Phishing shields our identity and personal data against theft, while SMS and Call Filter helps us manage our time by making it easy to define who can contact us and when. All installed apps are scanned and organized with App Audit to show permission levels and what information on our phone or tablet they can access. I like that having the Anti-Theft feature increases the chances of recovering my device, in case it is lost or stolen, as the app helps to remotely find the devices current location, sound an alarm, wipe its data and more.

For me the best thing about having the ESET Mobile Security app on my device is that it helps my chances to recover my phone and keep the data on my phone protected and private even if I don't find the phone. Another wonderful thing about this app is that if I allow my children to use the phone the app blocks bad links just in case they decide to download a game, and the app audit also shows permissions of all apps they might have downloaded when they were using the phone. 
If you want to protect your family too and be proactive take advantage of the major discount and get 75% off of the ESET Mobile Security (bringing it to $5). You can install ESET on up to 5 devices on the same Google Play account to economically and easily protect all the family devices. 

Win one of these two prizes before September 25th if you are in Canada or US. 
  • An Android Tablet (Samsung Galaxy) outfitted with the full version of ESET Mobile Security valued at over $225 
  • or win a secondary prize of an ESET Gift Pack that includes ESET Wireless Device Travel Charger, one set of ESET headphones and one ESET t-shirt, valued at $150. 
Update: All winners have been notified by PTPA
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  1. Very important to stay safe; Im glad there are products like this out there!

  2. Great giveaway.. You can never be to safe.

  3. Oh I love these security features, hadn't heard of Eset before.

  4. I keep hearing about ESET. Sounds like a very valuable security tool.

  5. Great features.


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