November 4, 2021

Holiday Gift Ideas and Giveaways

CreateWithMom holiday gift guide
With the holiday season around the corner, here is a list of gift ideas to consider. This post will be updated all month long with deals, discounts, and giveaways. All giveaways are only open to people living in Canada.

For every home ~ 
For your well-being ~ 
For children ~ 
  • Molly the Mastodon book
  • Bug Lab experience at Ontario Science Centre
  • Baby Born Surprise Animal Babies (giveaway below)
  • Akedo and Bluey Heeler toys (giveaway below)
  • Rummikub
cuisipro cookware set
Canada’s leading manufacturer of cookware products, Cuisipro, offers innovative cooking tools for everyday kitchen must-haves shaped by professional chefs for chefs of all skillsets. There are over 200 products to ease any kitchen task, from stock cookware to specialty bakeware to everything in between.

We have been using the Cuisipro Soft-Touch Cookware Set, which is designed for home cooking. The aluminum cooking pans and pots are designed to deliver quick, even heat distribution. We like that the pans are lightweight and easy to use. The nonstick cooking surfaces ensures effortless food release and cleanup. The domed glass lids seals in heat and moisture while allowing us to see the cooking progress. The ergonomic soft-touch handles are comfortable to hold, and it doesn't get hot while the pans are on the stove. 
cuisipro dish rack
Cuisipro also has a space-saving dish rack that is sleek and compact. This set comes with three pieces, which includes the mat, rack and a utensil holder. The neoprene side of the dish mat can also be used as a trivet to serve hot food, heat tolerance 500°F. Check out the detailed post about this product.
hamilton beach juicer, grinder, mixer
Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder is a must-have appliance that will be useful in every kitchen. It grinds a variety of ingredients depending on how we want; coarse, smooth or fine within seconds. The powerful 2.2 HP commercial grade motor (1400 watts) resists overheating and handles the toughest ingredients. 

The machine comes with a tamper, scraper, chef developed recipe book, instruction manual, 3 stainless steel jars, each one fixed with a universal blade, and leakproof, shatterproof Titan lids. The high-performance blender allows us to make smoothies, juices, nut butters, soups, sauces, and more. I have been using it everyday to mix, mince, grind, and to make juice. Read the detailed review on how useful this appliance is for everyday use.
melitta coffee
Anyone in your life that enjoys flavourful, good quality coffee will love the delicious Melitta coffee flavours. The Hazelnut Creme Whole Bean coffee is the perfect coffee to sip on a cold snowy morning. Coffee drinkers will soon make it their new go-to coffee!
melitta coffee
Melitta Traditional and European Deluxe are already ground coffee perfect to make a quick flavourful cup of coffee. It is also easy and perfect to use with the Signature Series Pour-Over™ Coffeemaker. This porcelain drip coffeemaker not only adds to the kitchen d├ęcor, but will also make a delicious smooth cup of coffee every time. The 100% naturally compostable, Melitta’s Natural Bamboo Cone Filters fit perfectly in the Pour-Over Coffeemaker, which will be loved by your eco-conscious loved ones!
schlage encode door lock
Schlage Encode is a smart door lock that not only gives a modern look to the door, but also the convenience, safety, and security we need. Read the detailed review, and see how easily you can incorporate this gift into your everyday life.
good burdens book
Good Burdens: How to Live Joyfully in the Digital Age by Christina Crook is a compact and actionable handbook for those hoping to transform their digital stress into digital mindfulness. It is filled with tips and insights to help readers achieve their own digital well-being by being more intentional and aware of their addiction to distraction. Mindfulness and being present is not only important for our well-being, but it is a gift we can offer others. 
good burdens book
Like Christina, I truly believe that caring about our small corner of the world matters. Having reminders to channel our energy towards “good burdens” such as caring relationships, community, and creative projects that bring joy is important, and this book does that - gives us the reminder we all need. 
Win a copy of this book by entering the giveaway below. Update: The winner is Wendy
molly the mastodon
Molly & The Mastodon by Denise Dias published by Royal Ontario Museum tells the imaginative story of a spirited young girl and the giant-tusked, prehistoric mammal she conjures to life at the Museum. The illustrations by Tara Winterhalt will get readers excited as they follow this unlikely pair on a journey of discovery to explore the incredible diversity of animals on Earth. 
molly the mastodon
This book will be perfect for readers ages 3 to 7 years. It can be purchased at ROM, online and in major bookstores. All proceeds support the Museum. 
bug lab ontario science centre
The spectacular new interactive Bug Lab exhibit at Ontario Science Centre will be a fun experience for both children and adults. You will get to see the world from the bug's perspective! It is amazing to see how mighty even the smallest bugs are, and how different bugs have adapted to cope with everything that surrounds their world. We got to see live bugs up close, learn about them, and even got to touch it. 

Bug Lab is a travelling exhibition created by New Zealand's national museum, Te Papa. It was built in collaboration with Weta Workshop, the award-winning concept design and special effects studio behind The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies, among other impressive productions. The different chambers in the exhibit are built to emulate the natural habitat of each bug on a massive scale.
baby born toy
Baby Born Surprise Animal Babies is a fun way for children to unwrap a bundle of surprises. Inside each cute soft bunny pouch, little ones will be able to find an adorable collectible baby doll in an animal swaddle. Each set of dolls has a cute theme to inspire little ones' imaginations. Themes include Fantasy, Jungle, Mountain, Forest and Farm. Available to purchase online and in toy stores.
Win this toy by entering the giveaway below. 
Update: The winner is Debbie
Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors Battle Arena - $39.99 The world of Akedo is brought to life with this arcade inspired electronic arena where any of the Akedo warriors can come for next level battle action. Includes two exclusive Legendary warrior figures, two battle controllers, two interchangeable backdrops and over 35 sound effects for added excitement and humour. When the warriors aren’t battling, they can train and practice the perfect split-strike in the arena by connecting the detachable training punching bag accessory. Perfect for imaginative children over 6 years. Available at Walmart, and Mastermind Toys. One Player Pack warriors are $6.99.
bluey heeler toy
Bluey Heeler’s Family Vehicle - $24.99 It is the perfect car to go on fun playful adventures. A Bandit Figure is included so he can drive the family around. On the roof of the Family Vehicle is a Surfboard Rack that holds 2 Surfboards. The Surfboards come off for the whole family to use. They are compatible with all Bluey Figures and are great to use when they drive to the beach. The Vehicle also comes with a fun sticker sheet that includes backseat rubbish and beach friends so that you can decorate the car. Children over the age of two will love to recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show with these toys. Available at Walmart, Toys “R” Us and The $12.99 two figurine packs add to this collection of Bluey characters. 
Win these toys by entering the giveaway below. 
Update: The winner is Cheryl
One of our favourite classic board games to play is the Rummikub. We can bring more people together with the 6-player special edition of this original game. Rummikub is a good game to play with children over 8 years old. It helps develop a variety of skills including sequencing, pattern recognition and planning. It is a fast moving, easy to learn game with different results every time it's played. We like how this game combines luck and strategy, and changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end. This 6-player game has 160 tiles that come in a bag, instructions, and 6 racks. This holiday season as you get together add Rummikub to the list of activities you do with your family and friends!

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