February 11, 2021

Quilling Technique Husking

Quilling is a fun hobby to do, I have used this paper craft method to do a lot of home decor and combined it with canvas painting. I also like using different quilling techniques to create intricate designs and gluing it on to handmade cards. This technique of husking can be used for large, unusual shapes, and can be done with or without a collar. Looping of the quilling paper around pins inserted into a cork, foam, or styrofoam board helps create the shapes we want. 
For this method you will need
quilling paper
post it note 
cork board
quilling husking
First draw a design similar to what you see on a post it note. Put in pins on the bottom and top circle. Hook one end of the strip and place it round the pins, then put some glue on one end and secure it. 
quilling husking
Bring the strip back up to the dot beside the top one you went around, put a pin and then bring the strip to the bottom and secure it with glue. 
Then bring the strip back up to the dot that is on the other side of the top dot, put a pin, and bring it down then secure it with glue. Keep going up and down and putting the pins to make the loops and securing the strip with glue.
Once the design dries a little remove the pins and glue the design on to the surface you are working on.
I have used the collard and un-collard husking method for the leaves and flowers on the below design. 
quilling husking
The difference between collard and un-collard husking is for the collared husking before closing the design, the paper strip is taken around the loops and secured with glue. 

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