Sunday, March 11, 2018

Thrilling Time Tubing at Chicopee Tube Park

chicopee Tube Park
We had a thrilling time tubing for a couple of hours at the Chicopee Tube Park. This fun winter activity will be enjoyed by riders of all ages. 
We really enjoyed snow tubing down the 250 feet high, 900 feet long slopes at the Chicopee Tube Park located in Kitchener, Ontario. To make it to the top of the slopes, we have to walk half way up, then take the magic carpet to the top. This makes it easy to get up to the top of the slopes, and tube down multiple times. We can tube alone or go with a partner down one of the six chutes. Even children will be able drag the lightweight tubes on their own and make it back and forth on their own.   
chicopee Tube Park
We found the staff at Chicopee Tube Park very welcoming, and accommodating. They were more than happy to give a spin or let the riders get comfortable if we decide to ride together and give a push each time. 
chicopee Tube Park
There is parking at the location, washrooms, and helmets for rent. There is a lot of space at the heated lodge which overlooks the mountain, where we can relax and enjoy a snack at their café, or even host group events and birthday parties. 
chicopee Tube Park
We loved that everyone was out there to enjoy the slopes and have fun, which made it more memorable! Get your winter gear on and check out the Chicopee Tube Park website for details on prices and location. 

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  1. Never been at any Tube Park before, looks like fun for both adults and kids!


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