Saturday, June 17, 2017

Collage and Paper: Calming Meditative Activities

collage cut and create paper mosaic
Everyone in our family enjoyed taking part in doing the calming and interesting paper mosaic activity in Chiharu Rosenberg's Cut and Create Paper Mosaics kit. This craft mosaic-by-number artwork is done by cutting the numbered paper tiles which are printed on coloured and patterned paper, then gluing it to the card stock. 
collage cut and create paper mosaic
The kit includes preprinted templates on card stock and 35 solid colour and patterned sheets of paper with preprinted numbered tile pieces on the other side. There are 9 projects divided based on difficulty, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The finished product was close to the designs on the book, but the colours were not exactly the same.

We have done similar collage projects using coloured, textured paper and other medium before we used this kit. However, when we used this kit we found it to be similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle or doing a number project. 

We found this artwork needs focus, and had a calming effect. It gives ideas on how we can create our own designs using this tiling paper mosaic technique. Anyone that like tile art will enjoy working on projects in this kit and displaying it. 
collage cut and create paper mosaic
Handmade Collage kit by Japanese collage artist living in Brighton, UK, Seiko Kato has 15 designs that we can cut and assemble. This guided art book gives artists the tools they need to create their own, personalized works of collage. There are over 1000 images to browse, cut out, and assemble into works of art. These collages can be used to customize many surfaces such as journals, stationery and greeting cards. Design themes include peacock parade, perfume bottles, and a walk in the woods.
origami garden
Perfectly Mindful Origami The Origami Garden explains how to make perfectly formed origami objects that are pleasing to fold and make. We found this book is for those who are comfortable with origami. 
origami garden
The author of the book Mark Bolitho has divided the book into sections on Flowers and Plants (easy roses, cactus and pot, lilies and water lilies and many other flowers and foliage), Fruit and Vegetables (mushrooms, strawberries, pineapple, pears and chilli pepper) and Garden Life (birds, butterfly and frog). Each book contains 32 pages of origami paper to try the projects.  
origami garden
These types of kits with the material and instructions are fun calming meditative activities children and adults can enjoy.

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    These books look very cool! I've always wanted to learn origami.


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