Saturday, April 18, 2015

Enjoy the Sunshine with these Outdoor Crayola Products

Crayola has a great assortment of outdoor products to get children's creative juices flowing in the great outdoors. My children love drawing and colouring on the sidewalk with these bright and bold sidewalk chalk. They love the assortment of the new special effects chalks such as neon, sparkle, and tie-dye.
As the weather gets warmer we are also planning on using the Crayola outdoor colour foam, for fun, frothy play. Crayola also has a new paint that can be used on the ground and painted. I will share more about the foam and the paint once we get a chance to use it :)
I like that these products are wonderful for outdoor play. It encourages our children to use their imagination, cognitive and creative skills, as well as their whole body when they draw and use these products on the ground to make art.
We are not really pleased with the Crayola Foam because it can only be used on grass or sand and it evaporates quickly, which is not fun for children. The container of foam also finishes fast.
We liked using the paint as a different medium for outdoor fun. My children enjoyed using the roller to do the painting. It is easy to wash off and fun to use.
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  1. Should keep kids busy for hours outside. Patty wright.

  2. This was definitely my favorite summer activity as a child.

  3. My kids would love these for the summer months!

  4. fantastic way to let the kids just go at it, but with sunscreen of course

  5. All great products to provide lots of fun activities during the summer months.
    Florence C

  6. Looks like alot of fun! Love crayola products!

  7. Crayola is the best!! I love all the new products they have invented for the kids and us adults to have fun outside!!


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