Thursday, April 9, 2015

DohVinci Eggs

DohVinci decorated Eggs
My children enjoy using DohVinci to decorate. They decorated eggshells with DohVinci. It is a wonderful activity to do during spring and talk about nature, birds, different types of eggs, and more. To do this fun project we used...
DohVinci decorated Eggs
DohVinci kit
Bamboo stick or small dish to let it dry
DohVinci decorated Eggs
I poked a small hole and removed the egg yolk and white for a better use :) I washed and dried the eggshells before the children decorated them. Since the eggs were hollow, they had to be careful not to press it too much and crack it. They covered up the holes so it didn't show. Both my children enjoyed decorating it in different ways by using the different shape stencils that came with DohVinci.
DohVinci decorated Eggs
They found it easy to make some of the intricate designs on the table then gently place it on the egg and attach. This is a fun project to do at any time of the year with little ones. It will require them to use their patience when decorating the eggshells. I have kept the decorated eggshells as a table decor.
DohVinci decorated Eggs
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