Thursday, September 19, 2013

Get Ready For Star Wars Reads Day

October 5th bookstores, libraries and schools all around the world will be taking part in a one day celebration of literacy celebrating all things Star Wars. Star Wars Reads Day II is coming to Canada so don't forget to join in the fun and participate in reading about Star Wars. If you are in Toronto check out the Chapters at the Bayview Village location.
My children are Star Wars fans, so they like learning and reading more about Star Wars. We enjoyed exploring the pictures and facts on the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia. This encyclopedia has information with colourful pictures of more than 200 heroes and villains. 
DK books has a wide selection of fun to read DK readers with Star Wars stories, which are sure to please all the young fans. I believe when children are given books that have stories they like and interest them, it easily encourages them to read. These DK readers are wonderful books to improve their vocabulary and comprehension. DK Canada for a limited time is offering 30% off of their Star Wars collection, so take advantage of this sale. 
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  1. My son loves Star Wars and would enjoy this new book to no end!

  2. My grandson would like these books.

    Florence C

  3. Any Star Wars fan would enjoy these. I like the Yoda salad idea.

  4. The books look like lots of fun; especially for a little boy.

  5. These books look interesting

  6. This would be a very cool set of books to have.

  7. I think my husband would enjoy these books more then my kids. lol


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