Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mark's: Smart Clothes for Everyday Living

Mark's Work Wearhouse is rebranded now as Mark's because many people perceive Mark's to carry only work clothing that are mostly for men.  I like shopping at Mark's because they have a wide collection of casual clothing for men and women from underwear, outerwear, nightwear, footwear to accessories.

I like the practical decent clothing at Mark's, which is pretty hard to find in many stores these days.  The clothes are feminine, stylish and at the same time covers up :)  The quality, special features i.e. wrinkle free, and the functional aspects i.e tummy control etc are things that I like about the clothing from Mark's.
My husband too likes shopping at Mark's because of the wide selection of all types of clothing that have guaranteed quality.  Their clothing are durable, fade-resistant, have sub-zero insulation, some clothing are water resistant and despite many washes the clothes look new.

I enjoyed meeting Brad Goreski and others from Mark's at the Eaton Centre, Toronto a couple of weeks ago.  This location has a walk-in closet that is similar to a freezer, which stimulates winter weather conditions so we can wear the outerwear and test it.  The changing rooms are bigger and better lit.  The lighting is brighter with TV screens displaying the look-book and styles.  I find that the staff at all the Mark's location are helpful and know about the products, so we can ask them and let them know what we are looking for and to get the correct size etc.  There is always something at Mark's that I like and am looking forward to see the Fall collection a little more closely :)   

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  1. I really like some of the Mark's clothing for women. The only problem I have is their sizing - the clothes are just too big for me :( The quality is great and they've really started to make some stylish pieces so hopefully one day they expand their sizing :)

  2. thanks for posting - my hubby buys his work clothes there, and I often pick up my own stuff at the same time!

  3. I have always loved shopping at Mark's. They are comfortable, and always wash and wear very well!

  4. I love a lot of Marks clothing! They have such great selection, not only for work environments, but every day living. I used to by uniforms there for a nursing home I worked at and I still buy some of their casual clothing :)

  5. Hubs buys most of his items at Marks WW! I've found some capris, tops, and shoes that are super comfy. I do enjoy checking MWW out.

  6. I've been in Mark's only a few times in the last few years as my husband has needed things for work but I have checked out some of the women's items and was impressed.

  7. Seems to have everything .. all at one place. A shoppers paradise.


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