May 2, 2012

Knot Genie brush

Knot Genie is a detangling brush that has different lengths of teeth.  The teeth in the brush bend with the hair and it doesn't tug on the hair.  This brush gently removes the knots and protects the hair from coming off.  Knot Genie brush can be used on any type of hair wet or dry.

Although the brush is gentle on the hair we do feel the teeth going through the scalp when we brush.  This doesn't bother anyone in my family or me.  It is like a head massage :)  My children like this feeling too and don't complain about it.  They just say that it is "prickly" but like to be brushed with it.  Sometimes we all need that feeling of scratching the head :)

We like the unique special shape of the brush, which is different from the regular brushes.  I find it easier when we brush someone else's hair as it as a feeling of pampering like grooming a horse.

This lightweight brush leaves the hair healthier because it doesn't rip the hair when combing.  If you want to get this brush to manage and control your hair it is available here.  The Knot Genie detangling brush comes in puff of purple, blue cloud, fairy pink, tinseltown silver and camo cloud.
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