July 5, 2023

Ways To Make Dinnertime More Fun Without Much Fuss

Do you feel dinnertime has been getting quite stale recently? Or maybe the kids have been complaining about it? Don't worry, it happens to every parent! 

But when you and the family want to have a better experience during mealtimes, or to simply try something new here and there, you'll need some inspiration to make dinner more exciting. Here are a few ideas for fun dinners that won't require much fuss to pull off.

Don't Serve a Traditional Plate
Traditional plates usually have about three ingredients on them; the protein, the carbs, and then the vegetables. And after a while, that can get pretty boring! So do away with a traditional plate serving and just let your family go nuts with the way they want to eat at dinner.

For example, you can let them mix elements of different meals together, such as combining dinner and dessert. If there's strawberries in the dessert you've made, they can be put on the plate alongside the potatoes you're supposed to be eating during your main; it's weird, but it's fun! You can also set out plenty of finger foods and let the kids pick what they want.
Buy High Quality Ingredients
It's often said that the better the ingredients you use, the tastier your meal is going to be. And that's very much true! Of course, you can make a meal out of any ingredients you like, but when they're grown or cultivated with high quality in mind, you're going to notice a difference as soon as you take a bite.

And for any adults in your home getting a bit bored of the same meals day in and day out, this is definitely the way to go. So the next time you hit the grocery store, try to buy the 'premium' versions of the vegetables, meats, and dairy items. It might come out a little more costly, but you can also usually make these items go further than the basic brands you might be more used to.

Leave Something to the Kids
If you want the kids to get involved in cooking and cleaning up afterwards, leave an element of the meal to them. Pop responsibility in their hands and watch what they do with it. It's fun to see the creativity they might come up with in trying to serve a 'grown up' meal like mommy or daddy does!

Sure, you should still supervise and make sure you've got an edible meal to eat, but you can let the kids be imaginative here. If they are cleaning, let them come up with a system. If they are making the salad give them the basics and leave them to it.

Dinnertime should be a fun part of the day. But in your quest to make it more enjoyable, don't go to too much effort!

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