August 3, 2022

Little Women at Stratford Festival

stratford city hall
This iconic city hall is a national historic site located in the centre of Stratford, Ontario; a charming small town well-known for its theatre, art, and music. We love visiting Stratford, which is a couple of hours from the GTA to watch outstanding theatrical performances at Stratford Festival. We enjoy walking along the river and surrounding area to admire the beautiful gardens and the overall atmosphere, as well as exploring businesses and restaurants in downtown Stratford.
stratford ontario avon theatre
We went into the Avon Theatre after ten years, which brought back some good memories of watching Charlie Brown when our children were younger. It was exciting for all of us to watch Little Women, as it was the perfect family show to watch with our teens.  
little women stratford avon theatre
It was fun predicting the acts as they were happening by relating it to Louisa May Alcott's novel and the many Little Women adaptations. This famous coming-of-age story has a lot of morals we can learn from.

The actors did an outstanding job delivering the story. The play is narrated in the perspective of Jo March, an aspiring writer from the 1860s. Jo and her sisters, Meg, Beth, and Amy are teenagers going into adulthood each with their own goals. They all struggle in their own ways to reconcile with societal expectations, as well as dealing with war and hardship that was happening during their time. The unique personality of each of the March sisters were beautifully brought out in the performance. The show captured the entire Little Women story. The script was well-written and enjoyable to watch. Watching a theatrical performance to which we knew the story of was quite a different experience.

We liked the meaningful land acknowledgement mentioned before the performance started. Including the twenty minute break, the show was about three hours long. The transitions were seamless; we also loved the props and costumes. The set was very original, creative, and well-used. Little Women at the Avon Theatre will be happening until October 29th. The energetic performance of Little Women is worth watching!
little women stratford avon theatre
At the Avon Theatre Shop, you can get a scavenger hunt related to Little Women and locate props from this show at 17 businesses for a chance to win prizes.
stratford chocolate trail
Prior to the show we enjoyed the chocolate trail while strolling the downtown streets of Stratford. As we popped inside local businesses, we indulged in several chocolate themed goodies! This is a purposeful way to see all the different and unique items offered at the local stores. 
stratford chocolate trail
If you want to take this self-guided tour and taste some delicious chocolate-flavoured treats, you can purchase a trail pass at Destination Stratford, 47 Downie Street; Bradshaws, 129 Ontario Street; Small-Mart, 119 Ontario Street; and Werk Shop, 111 Ontario Street. Vouchers do not expire and can be used over multiple days. This pass is available year-round. 
stratford chocolate trail
Since our show was in the evening, we had a chance to have dinner and enjoy a few desserts. When you are at Stratford, you should give Angela's Gelato a try. It is a unique place with creative gelato flavours. If you are into bubble tea, as much as we are, pop into Noodle Zone!
angela's gelato
Summer evenings are also perfect to enjoy the river breeze by either renting a paddle boat, canoe, kayak or going on the river boat tour at the Avon Boat Rentals. While on the boat, we can spot wild birds from herons, loons, geese, swans and more. You can also see some beautiful architecture and neatly manicured gardens. The river boat tour is an especially relaxing experience. 
avon boat tour
Across the boat rentals, there are plenty of gardens to explore. We love gardening, so we are always curious to check out different gardens. 
stratford ontario gardens
There are plenty of picnic benches to sit and relax while enjoying treats from doughnuts to ice cream at the many local eateries Stratford has to offer.
shakespearean gardens
In the summer, Stratford has music festivals throughout the downtown area. If you appreciate art, you will have fun exploring Gallery Stratford.
gallery stratford
Make Stratford a fun road trip destination by going on the chocolate trail, taking a boat tour, and enjoying a meal at one of the many different restaurants. While there, be sure to watch a theatrical performance at the Stratford Festival! 
stratford city hall
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