July 29, 2022

Creative Art Books for Beginners and Giveaway

watercolour painting
Finding time to explore and use our creative outlets can be challenging. Books that inspire us to get creative in very less time are useful during these times. We like the 15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolour and 15-Minute Drawing: Getting Started series that help us complete projects in one sitting and feel accomplished. These books are easy to follow as the instructions are written in a simple approachable way, and it has step-by-step projects that are easy and fun to follow and complete in 15 minutes. Since both books, give a quick overview of the basics tools and materials, it would be useful for beginners.
Effortless Watercolour demonstrates how to use just a few brushstrokes to create lively works of art in a simple, modern style. 15-Minute Painting: Effortless Watercolour by Angela Moulton uses large brushstrokes and minimal, colourful palettes to help beginner artists create light, carefree paintings in practically no time at all. After the quick overview of the basic tools and materials, including papers, brushes, and paints, and a brief introduction to choosing and mixing colours there are instructions to painting flowers, birds, still life, animals, figures, and everyday objects that can be done in 15 minutes.
15-Minute Drawing: Getting Started by Erin McManness explores the basics of drawing with graphite pencil. It shows how to hold a pencil and varying pressure to practicing basic strokes and techniques, including hatching, crosshatching, stippling, creating texture, blending, and more. Prompts and open spaces in the book invite us to practice skills directly in the book. The books gives information about drawing techniques, letter techniques, creating a beautiful layout, leaves and flowers, city buildings, animals and insects, and everyday life. This is a good book to develop drawing skills and style, while having  fun.
Watercolour Painting at Home by Bley Hack is another fun watercolour book with easy to follow projects inspired by the comforts of home. This book will help us get inspired to paint just by looking around and seeing familiar things in a new way for painting from the couch, front porch, backyard, and more. Painting our favourite things will make our home look more beautiful, and it will help us appreciate where we live and what we have. This book has ideas on how we can paint and it also shows how we can use the projects we paint to create crafts such as decorations for the home and more.
watercolour painting
If you live in Canada or USA and would like to win a copy of 
15-Minute Painting and 15-Minute Drawing books use the giveaway tool below and enter the giveaway by September 2nd. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win.

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