April 29, 2022

Cacti Design using Double Cast Embroidery

cactus pattern embroidery
The double cast embroidery stitch gives a beautiful effect for the cacti design. The completed design can be used to decorate anything or just hung as a wall decor.

For this project you will need the following materials.

long embroidery needle
embroidery thread beige, green, and red
embroidery hoop
cactus pattern embroidery
First, draw the design and put the embroidery hoop.
cactus pattern embroidery
For the pot, I did a basketweave pattern. First stitch the vertical design using 6 threads. Then do the horizontal weave skipping 2 threads to make the basket. Once the design is complete, stitch all around the pot using 2 embroidery threads so the basketweave pattern shows more. 
cactus pattern embroidery
The cacti design is done using double cast embroidery stitch. Double the thread and make a knot. Bring the needle through as shown on image 1. Bring the needle to the starting point and then up to the point where you put the needle in initially as shown on image 2. Then separate the thread into two so they don't cross which would makes a circle on the top of the cloth. Use one side of the thread and make a twist and loop it to the needle, then use the other thread make a twist and loop it to the thread. Once there is a few twists on the thread slowly push it down the needle and carefully bring the needle to the point image 2 where you started. Continue this to create the cacti design. Space it out a little so the design shows and doesn't overlap.
cactus flower
For the flowers I did french knot and a few on the cacti design using a vibrant red to contrast with the green.

I cut this cacti design and used it to decorate a card. 

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