March 18, 2022

Untying The Knot Book Giveaway

untying the knot
Untying The Knot Protecting Your Emotional and Financial Health During Divorce by Kelly LaVallie is an interesting book to read and learn from even if you are not thinking of divorce. Since the start of the pandemic, studies have shown that nearly 5 million Canadians have experienced a break up, with research suggesting that divorce and separation rates have likely doubled in that time. This book is designed to help parting couples weather the storm.

Kelly offers page after page of practical advice on everything from how to create interim financial plans while navigating hurt feelings to how to put together a divorce "A" team to ensure no one going through a divorce feels like they are alone. Believing that divorce is truly a team effort, Kelly has ensured that Untying The Knot has a friendly and upbeat tone, with just enough humour to keep it real, while taking readers through the steps that that will help them manage their thinking so they can focus clearly on the business of divorce. 

Making use of the same time-tested strategies that have served hundreds of her satisfied clients the author explains how adopting healthy and balanced behaviour and taking the time to do the financial homework to negotiate the best possible settlement are the best ways to reach the finish line of a divorce in the best shape possible, ready to take on a new future.

Here are 5 Things from the author for you to consider

1. Do what you can to avoid divorce because it is hard. Whether you choose to reconcile or divorce it is important to feel certain that it was worth it. Give every shred of your effort to salvaging your marriage and only when you've exhausted the alternatives, move ahead with divorce.

2. Talk to a lawyer. Divorce is a legal process and the initial steps that you take can impact your outcome. After learning the legal truth about how the business of your divorce will likely unfold, you might discover a renewed interest in making your marriage work. At a minimum, a lawyer will help you understand your situation and plan your first steps.

3. If you have experienced a major life upset; death of a loved one, illness, job loss, or menopause, consider the possibility that marriage is not the problem. It is better to consider working through other challenges before concluding that divorce is the right step for you.

4. Have a "divorcing" financial plan. If you haven't been divorced, then you might imagine it as a line that you step over. You're married and then you're divorced. But actually, it's a life stage which needs a financial plan to ensure you are secure during that time since divorcing can be a long and expensive. While you are working on your final settlement, you’ll need groceries and you’ll probably need to pay legal fees. Make sure you know how you'll make ends meet before you begin.

5. However, gathering the information that you’ll need to manage your divorce can become ridiculously difficult after you have left the marriage. Before you leave, dig up those bank statements, the life insurance documents, property assessments, all the significant information about your assets, debts, income and expenses.

If you live in Canada and would like to win a copy of this book enter the giveaway before April 14th. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win.
Update: The winner is Anne

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