July 10, 2021

Encouraging Children To Enjoy School

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As a parent it is important that we encourage are children to enjoy school, as they spend most of their time learning in school. Since school is a must, hating it isn’t going to make for a happy life. Here are few suggestions on how to go about encouraging children that don't enjoy going to school.

Find Out Why They Don’t
The first thing we need to do is figure out why they don’t like school. Is it because they are struggling with a subject? Is it because they don’t have many friends? Are they being bullied in the lunchroom or around the school? It might not be the kind of question that you want to ask yourself, but it is important for their sake that you do. Try talking to them about it and finding out this way. If you can get them to tell you, this is going to make it easy for everyone and saves you from having to investigate the reason yourself.

If they won’t talk to you, then you need to start looking on your own. You want to know what their grades are like, how their assignments are looking, and even look on their social media profiles if needed.

Get Them Involved More
Another thing that will encourage them to like school is when they are more involved at the school. Joining  sports clubs they like or having fun being part of a craft or music club will motivate children to go to school. Any kind of after school program that makes them do something productive is a good idea. You never know, it might give your child the push they need to pursue something that they have wanted to. For example, if they have been too shy to join a sports team but now they have to, it might have been the push they needed.

Make sure that you are not forcing them into any one thing though. They have to be free to choose what they want to participate in, as long as they are participating in something.

Encourage Them To Have An Open Mind
Remind and encourage them to have an open mind. What’s the worst that could happen from liking school? Instead of hating something they have to do everyday, liking school can help them feel relaxed, motivated, and even happier. Plus, if you are on board with something, it’s easier to persuade them to be as well.

If you have a child that doesn't like school as much, then summer is a perfect time to start encouraging and building the excitement with these suggestions. 

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  1. Great article. I agree with most ideas. It is very hard if you don't like school. I should know.

  2. These are great tips. I do remember my son packing his book bag for school in July one year!

  3. Good ideas. I agree that the first step is to find out why they don't like school.


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