June 2, 2021

Important Things You Should Know Before Relocating To The US

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Many Canadians relocate to the United States these days for many reasons ranging from work to family. As per the American Community Surveys (ACS) data, about 783,000 Canadians lived in the U.S in 2016. However, relocating to the U.S is more than simply packing your bags and moving, as there are several things you have to sort out before embarking on this life-changing journey. If you are considering making a similar move, here are some things you should bear in mind before relocating to America.

Know What Immigration Rules You Have To Follow
Your primary reason for moving to the U.S will largely determine what immigration rules you would follow, so keep this in mind. If you are relocating to work in the U.S, you must apply and be approved for an employment visa, work permit, or a green card. The requirements you meet and your length of stay in America will mainly determine which document you will be issued. Also, if you intend to invest or start a business, an investor green card or a business visa is necessary before travelling to America.

Living Costs
Life in America is relatively pricey, so it would be best to know what it'll cost to live there in advance. Boston, New York, and San Francisco are some of the most expensive cities in the country, while areas like Cincinnati and Oklahoma City allow for more comfortable living for less. Living alone in costly cities like New York can cost you up to $1,300 monthly, while your estimated monthly costs can reach about $5000 if you are a family of four, both excluding rent.

Select A Great Cross-Border Moving Company
If you're planning a big move like relocating from Canada to the U.S, partnering with a reliable moving company is undoubtedly essential. Therefore, search for established movers with years of experience in the moving industry to assist you with your cross-border move. This moving company must have all the licenses and paperwork to help you relocate to America. Since moving between countries is a long process, your belongings will likely make several stops before reaching its destination, increasing the chances of slight damage to some of your items. Therefore, your mover must offer damage insurance to protect your possessions. Finally, find a moving company that provides storage services to clients since keeping your belongings might be necessary at various points throughout the moving process.

Handle Vital Things Upon Arrival
There are numerous things you'll have to take care of to acclimatize to the U.S fully, so it would help to get started on these as soon as you arrive. Your driver's license is crucial to moving around, so you should consider applying for one immediately after moving. For this, you will need essential documents like proof of your legal immigration status, a form of ID, foreign driver's license, among others. Additionally, open a bank account as soon as you arrive using an ID number and proof of your identity and address. Your utilities and internet provider, home and auto insurance, and healthcare are other essential things you should plan to handle to make your move to America more comfortable.

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