May 24, 2021

3 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Layout

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The kitchen is truly the family hub of the home; it is where people come together to share food, catch up on their day, and make memories together. Your kitchen’s layout, however, could limit your ability to do these things if it is not arranged in an optimal way for your lifestyle. Here are some ideas on how to improve your kitchen’s layout with three easy steps.

1. Place frequently used ingredients together on the counter. When you cook daily, you get into a routine with your culinary skills. You will find that there are ingredients you use for almost every meal, such as olive oil and salt. When you’re cooking on a schedule, one time-saving layout trick is to place frequently-used ingredients together on the counter near your stove.

This will make your cooking more efficient, plus it can look rustic and homely to group these together in a cute tray or holder. Your essentials could also be stored on handy shelving that is built in above your main cooking station, giving you eye level access to them as and when you need! 

2. Invest in simple, effective and beautiful storage. When investing in your kitchen’s layout, storage is the most important factor. Without adequate storage, your kitchen will soon appear cluttered and feel disorganized. A cluttered kitchen can make it more prone to bacteria buildup, and can even be a health hazard if the clutter becomes overwhelming!

Instead, you should invest in simple, effective and beautiful storage. Of course, your kitchen will have cabinets in which to store your equipment and food - but beyond this, you could buy standalone shelving units, or utilize the verticality of your kitchen for high-up storage of rarely used items.

Investing in proper kitchen storage will make it much easier to tidy your kitchen during and after cooking, and will generally optimize your kitchen efficiency! Plus, this increased storage will make your kitchen feel more open, light and welcoming to guests.

3. Improve your dishwashing setup for easy cleaning. One reason so many people end up ordering take-out instead of cooking regularly is the cleanup. Nobody likes cleaning up after cooking a big meal, but of course, it has to be done!

To improve your dishwashing situation, you could amend your kitchen layout to increase the size of your sink or electric dishwasher. By consulting a plumber, you will be able to get a good idea of how easy it will be to make these changes - and hopefully, with the right planning, you can expand these elements of your kitchen with ease. By improving your dishwashing setup, you’ll never feel stressed out by the number of dishes you need to wash!

Hope this guide will help improve your family kitchen for efficient cooking and a more beautiful layout!

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  1. These are good ideas I like to have frequently used ingredients together and handy

  2. Great tips! We are currently looking at changing out our sink, from a double to a large single. Washing large pots, pans and bowls is such a hassle in the small bowls of a double sink.

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful!!

  4. I have all clear containers that look pleasing and can see the contents. It really helps everyone find what they need fast and efficiently.

  5. I really like the layout of your kitchen.


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