Sunday, May 16, 2021

Practical Ways to Enhance Your Home's Front Entry

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The front entry gives visitors an impression of your home. An excellent entryway welcomes visitors and family into your home, while separating it from the outside world. These four practical tips ensure you have a terrific entryway.

Having A Retaining Wall with Steps 
A retaining wall contains and controls the soil behind it. These walls work best for sloped front yards because they keep the lawn, soil, and plants in place and prevent mud and dirt from sliding towards the sidewalk when it rains. Retaining wall entry works well with various concrete styles and finishes. You can use sand finished concrete, next to rich, dark soil or even lush greenery. You may want to source this type of concrete from reputable companies like Delta Concrete to create a clean and striking entryway. One of the best thing about retaining walls is that you can add concrete planters to display and protect your plants.
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Paint Your Front Door
Painting your front door with a colour that compliments and is different from your home's colour is trending. It will help if you consider your style, door direction and how the pigment you choose will affect the perception and mood of your home. Fortunately, painting your front door is an affordable improvement as you will only need paint and a brush for the painting process. While you change your door colour, you might want to update its handle to enhance its appearance.

Include a Courtyard
If you aim to change your front entry completely, consider creating a courtyard by adding a garden wall and designing it. The courtyard can serve as a mudroom to make the home more functional. It also gives the added outdoor living space in the front yard  similar to a private entertaining backyard.

Include a Water Feature Without Water 
As water features are slightly getting out of style, waterless fountains in the garden are coming into style. You can create an illusion of water by adding a dry creek bed on your walkway or somewhere else in your landscape.

Since the front entry is critical for a fantastic home design that leaves a lasting impression on visitors make your home more appealing and welcoming with these four ways.

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  1. These are nice ideas to make my Front Entry more welcoming

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  4. I love the idea of a water feature

  5. Painting the front door is a nice idea

  6. It's amazing what a difference a new door can make on the kerb appeal of a house!


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