July 16, 2019

Leaders Who Changed History and Timelines of Everything

Leaders Who Changed History
Leaders Who Changed History and Timelines of Everything are books that will be useful in every home library. It is a good resource for children, as they can use it for school projects and to gain knowledge.
Leaders Who Changed History is written in a format that gives a quick summary of about 85 of the world's most transformational and influential leaders in politics, business, religion, humanitarianism, and the military. It is interesting to read about these people that are from different parts of the world that have done good to humanity and others that have harmed. This book is comprehensive in its scope and depth, and it is fully illustrated. 
Timelines of Everything
Timelines of Everything an illustrated guide that shows the history of the world through timelines. This book is colourful and the information is organized to peak the readers interest. There are more than 140 timelines to give us the general knowledge we need and some surprising trivia. From dinosaurs and Vikings to the history of film and espionage -  it is packed with surprising facts and details.
Timelines of Everything
The must-know topics and alternative history are showcased with beautiful, detailed illustrations and straightforward, easy-to-read text. There are timelines on a diverse range of subjects from prehistory to the modern world that will come in useful for children for general interest and for school projects.

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