March 13, 2019

Importance of Crafts, Self-Care, and a Fun Novel

We have always felt the need to be "craftful" as both the process and product helps us relax, develop physical and cognitive skills, and it brings a feeling of happiness. We have dedicated a closet to hold our supplies as we believe crafts are therapeutic. We have always enjoyed crafts for its pleasure without worrying about the final product. 

This book Craftfulness by Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin inspires and reminds readers to make things with our hands to feel better, as doing crafts can offer the same benefits as mindfulness and meditation, yoga, and running. Complex activities such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, learning a language can help protect against ageing effects of our brain. Crafting can reduce risk of developing milk cognitive impairment by 30 to 50%, and it helps with social identity, to get a feeling of community and belonging, and eliminates loneliness and social exclusion. 

Happiness is experiences of pleasure and purpose over time, and how we perceive our experiences brings happiness. For example, when we paint we are absorbed by it and pay attention to the task, however once completed we don't really pay as much attention to the end product. Making things consciously helps us appreciate the cost of beautiful things. As we dedicate our attention to the task at hand and make time for well-being practices it will help distance ourselves from our devices and everyday concerns. Crafts help regulate mood, behaviour, sleep, concentration, and natural flow state that releases greater self confidence. The regular experiences of doing crafts can help develop concentration, self esteem, and release dopamine. 
The Matchmaker's List written by Sonya Lalli is a fun book to read for an adult audience. This book revolves around Raina, a modern girl born to an Indian heritage teenage mother, brought up by her grandparents in a complicated family atmosphere. She is close to her meddlesome, traditional grandmother whom she tries to please. Raina tries to forget her ex-boyfriend and agrees for her grandmother to find her a suitable husband through friends and online before her thirtieth birthday. As she finds herself and helps with her best friend's extravagant Indian wedding, the reader gets to meet interesting characters from the community. 

The story is mainly based in Toronto. The author brings up topics considered to be taboo such as gender, and how women are seen in societies. I think it is important these topics are raised and spoken about to create awareness and acceptance of differences, so we don't unconsciously accept and believe in stereotypes that hurt people. This novel is an exciting multicultural romantic comedy and family drama that I enjoyed reading. This heartwarming story has a satisfying end.  
Spa Apothecary: Natural Bath and Beauty recipes by Stasie McArthur has recipes to make luxurious products for skin, hair, and bath at home. To make our own spa and bath products following this book, all we need is basic cooking skills, a few simple kitchen tools, and some common household ingredients. 

Spa Apothecary is a great resource for those who want to avoid the chemical additives of commercial products. It will inspire us to transition to a healthier, natural beauty routine, and save you money. There is a supply list and more than 100 simple, preservative-free recipes, along with a helpful tip for each one. Included are moisturizers and toners for face and hand care, washes and scrubs for skin and body, shampoos and conditioners, and healing compounds for congestion and earaches. These handmade products make great gifts for family and friends, and can be customized with their favourite scents and textures.

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  1. I would be interested in reading the spa apothecary.

  2. I love this posts, Self-care is so important!

  3. I would love to read the Spa Apothecary: Natural Bath and Beauty recipes

  4. Not enough of us take the tiem for self-care. This is so important!!

  5. I'm more of a fun reader myself. I have a goal of 50 every year on goodreads and I'm at 29 already for this year. Mostly its YA stuff, and I re-read the books often. But I do get a splurge and get new ones from my daughter

  6. The Matchmaker's list sounds like a fun read...adding it to my tbr list :)


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