July 13, 2018

Surrounding ourselves with nature at Parc Omega

park omega animals coming to the car
We had the pleasure of experiencing Park Omega last summer, and was able to have another wonderful opportunity to learn at the park during Canada day long weekend. There are many different accommodations we can stay at while exploring Parc Omega. This year, we stayed a night in a Tipi. 

park omega tipi
It is nice to walk on the boardwalk by the accommodations to see the bears, and wolves close up in their habitats living their day-to-day lives.
park omega boardwalk
park omega bear
We can see a pack of wolves and a bear family when walking the boardwalk
park omega wolf
We loved our stay in the Tipi! It reminds us how we don’t really need all the materialistic things we want for an enjoyable night. This simple and pleasant accommodation of the Tipi with a Velcro closure has two comfortable beds on either side with a small table in the middle. 
park omega inside the tipi
There is a picnic bench and campfire right outside. When staying at the tipi, don’t forget to bring a torch or lantern in case you need to use the washroom at night and need to walk back to the trail. 
park omega comfort station
Some tipis are closer than others to the comfort station which has a separate shower and toilet section, and the kitchen area. When we check into an accommodation we are given a code to use for the gates and comfort station. The washrooms and showers are kept clean. 
park omega kitchen
This year, the kitchen and dining area had enclosed glass doors to keep the bugs and wildlife out. They have all the supplies we need to make meals, and lots of benches inside and outside. 

Since noise travels more at night especially with the different positions and levels of the tipi placements, which are not too farther apart, it would be better if they have a time limit on how long people can make noise, so everyone can enjoy the retreat in the forest environment – as some people can be inconsiderably loud.

At the park, right next to the accommodation area... when we go through the car trail it allows us to see all the different wildlife from birds at bird lake, beaver lake, elk, wild boar, red deer, deer, bison, black wolves, musk oxen, caribou, Arctic fox, bears, coyotes, Arctic wolves, and the two new animal additions rocky mountain goat, and cinnamon bear. 
park omega goat
Rocky Mountain Goat

park omega cinnamon bear
Cinnamon Bear
We were told that the elk make their way down the mountains every morning. We even saw an elk pass in the middle of the lake where the animals make their way down the mountain.
park omega elk pass
It was awesome to witness a natural event of how the elk calves were kept safely in a corner with a female elk protecting them, while the other elk were eating. 
We love the landscapes at the park. The natural collection of lakes, mountains, and forests bring everything together. The park has animals mostly native to Canada, so they can live in our climate – which is why Parc Omega is open all year long. 
park omega elk
Every season, the fauna and flora of the park is different, as the animal behaviour and how they look such as the colour of their fur and the horns changes depending on the season, so visit with family and friends any time of the year.
park omega wood carving
park omega wood carving
By the land of the pioneers, there is a beautiful enchanted forest with admirable woodcarvings, a treetop hike, and a fun children’s playground with picnic tables for families to relax and enjoy. 
park omega tree top
Treetop hike will be enjoyed by everyone in the family
park omega trip
The lumber jack’s camp and trading posts has a wealth of knowledge we can learn from by reading the posters and looking at materials from that era. 
park omega farm
Taking a ride in the wagon to the farm is relaxing and exciting each time. This farm wagon will take us to a vegetable garden and an animal farm, where we can pet goats, sheep, cows, and rabbits. 
park omega peacock
They also have chicken and peacock that roam the farm. The farm setting allows us to see life on a farm - the farmer hard at work cleaning the cages and refilling new water for the animals. 
There are two presentations that are close by to each other – one by the wolf observatory which teaches a lot about wolves, and the other is a new birds of prey presentation that takes a closer look at four birds in half an hour. 
We like the previous year’s bird and small animal presentation better than this years’ bird presentation.
park omega nature
The land of First Nations at the park is a reenergizing place, where we are able to appreciate nature and learn about the 11 different first nations people in the Quebec area. We enjoyed the intricate details of the new woodcarving in this part of the park – such as the carved snake over-looking the water, and the carved turtles by the turtle pond. 
park omega snake carving
Walking the trail and seeing the totem poles, and Inuksuk’s connects us to the nature around us. We can spend hours looking at the turtles, fish, frogs, eagles flying, and listening to the sounds of nature in this area. 

The serene atmosphere and the connection it gives to the First Nations people and their culture at the land of First Nations is not to be missed when visiting the park.
Before beginning to drive the trail, switch the radio in your vehicle to 88.1 FM for English and 90.1 FM for French to learn more about the magnificent wildlife and some fascinating details of First Nations people.   
park omega carrot
For a fun ride along the car trail bring your own carrots or purchase at the Park house to feed the animals that come to the vehicle.
park omega nature first nations
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