March 24, 2018

DIY Embroidery Top Wooden Stool

We wanted to a customize and make our own DIY wooden stool with a soft cushion top that can be used as an extra seating, a table, or a footstool. The colours we used are inspired by our love for Moroccan and Bohemian designs and colours. We feel this gives the punch of colour we want to make the interior of our home feel brighter even during the long winter seasons!

For the cushion foam we used a polyurethane upholstery foam specifically cut to make foam tuffets. This cushion foam is a soft, but sturdy supportive foam made for seating. We can take comfort that this product has been created with the environment in mind has the cushion foam contains bio-based materials derived from renewable biological resources. The diameter of the cushion form is 18" and the height is 6" thick. 
diy embroidery top wooden stool
To support the foam, we cut an 18" round circle with wood and placed the cushion foam on it. Then covered both the foam and the wooden circle base with layer of quilt batting. Then wrapped the surface with the crazy patchwork embroidered cloth I sewed for the top, check the post to see a close up of the floral embroidery designs, the threads I used, and details on this easy patchwork design.  
We used a wood stapler to hold the cloth in place. Then we trimmed off the excess material that bulged and covered it with a cloth to the cover the bottom of the stool and stapled that in place. 
diy embroidery top wooden stool
We designed our own wooden bottom for this stool and painted it with a contrasting bright blue. 
For the legs of this stool we used...
2x4 wood 
circle shape wood cut to 18" diameter
another circle shape 1/2' plywood cut to 17" diameter  
wood glue

We trimmed the 2x4 wood to our desired width and length using a table saw. Then we attached two pieces of this wood together to form each leg. Then we cut the lets at a 10 degree angle on each end to finish it off. 

Once the four legs were made, we carefully measured and placed each leg at an angle and attached it using wood glue and screws to the 17" diameter rounded plywood from the top. We sanded all the sharp edges to give the legs a rounded, finished look. Once the edges were cleaned up, we painted it with two coats of paint and let it dry.  

Then we attached the smaller circle with the legs to the fabric covered top base using a small square wooden piece in the bottom centre of the stool to support the screws. 

This stool project was a labour of love and it took a few weeks to complete the custom embroidery top, then play around with the height and the design of the legs that suited our needs and interior design. The end results are worth the time!

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  1. when my son was little I would do crafts with him and his friends now I look forward to doing it with my new granddaughter

  2. Thanks very much for the detailed instructions & pictures on how to make this super cute wooden stool.

  3. That is so cute! I love sewing. Right now I'm making doll and barbie clothes. That would be fun to make.

  4. This is so pretty especially for a child's room.


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