November 17, 2017

Travelling Light with Netflix Download

We enjoy having the option of downloading Netflix shows, and taking it with us when we are on-the-go! It totally helps us pack light when travelling - no need to take along DVDs! The downloaded shows and movies from Netflix certainly came in very handy numerous times during our long road trips this summer.
We used the Netflix download option to take along movies and shows we wanted to watch together in hotel rooms during the evenings as we relaxed after a long day. We have also cozied up under the tent during camping trips with Netflix. With the download option we don't need active Wi-Fi connection or mobile data connection to watch our favourite shows. 
We remember during trips when we had unplanned weather and we stayed indoors, it has helped us continue to make fun memories without feeling bad for not getting to go outdoors.
There are plenty of Netflix shows, as well as movies for everyone in the family from the little ones to adults and anyone in between. This month my children are watching the new episodes of one of their favourite shows Project MC². We are also watching The Big Family Cooking showdown. We can browse all of the titles available to take with us whenever and wherever we want by checking the "Available for Download" menu on the Netflix app on the mobile or tablet device.  

Check out the newly launched Netflix Family Facebook page to follow all of the latest show and movie updates, as well as to add your thoughts and stories. 

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  1. My girls are obsessed with Netflix. they watch it more than they watch regular TV. All their favorite shows are there as well as movies they enjoy. Glad to hear they have their own facebook page dedicated to them

  2. We downloaded some shows for my daughter this past summer for our holiday in Japan!

  3. Netflix has so many shows now, there is always something new for me

  4. I love Netflix download. My hubby does it all the time. He downloads movies to watch while I am shopping haha.

  5. Funny I should discover this post today :) I am tired because I watch 6 episodes of Netflix last night till I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. The show is a who done it mystery that are my favourite. *Marcella We are newer to Netflix & I'm not use to being able to watch every episode all at one :) Hard on my eyes but I'm addicted now HaHa

  6. Very handy for when there is no wi-fi available!


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