September 10, 2017

The Excitement of Machine Embroidery

HE240 brother machine
Machine embroidery is a fun way to add unique touches to our sewing and home décor projects. I found that once we figure out how to setup the machine by switching the embroidery foot, inserting the panel, and embroidery hoop, it becomes simple as pressing a button and changing the thread.
Before starting to explore this creative aspect of sewing machines, having the right tools would help avoid frustrations that we may encounter. 

I found wonderful deals on to get a collection of forty different colours of polyester embroidery thread, Sulky tear easy stabilizer, and needles. I found having the different coloured thread helps to do a variety of projects without purchasing thread in a project by project basis. Using a stabilizer is important to avoid the thread from pulling and to keep the project neat. 
HE240 brother machine
I use my HE240 Brother Machine to sew, and found that it is a good machine to get started on embroidery. This HE240 Brother machine is available on Check out the details of this machine on my previous post here. There are a few simple designs programmed into the machine, however we can connect the USB to a computer and use free embroidery patterns on the Brother website. 

I find that machine embroidery is a rewarding hobby that can be easily done, as it doesn't require much from our side other than setting it up. It gives a personal and unique touch to many of our creative projects from placing embroidery on clothes, towels, pillows, cards, and more.  

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  1. When my daughter took sewing lessons in the city when she was young they had these machines there...very expensive but so cool lol

  2. What a great machine you received. It would make some very intricate looking patterns.

  3. That would be really neat to make all sorts of unique embroidered projects. They would make for great personalized gifts!


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