September 24, 2017

Animals and Wildlife DK books and giveaway

We love Smithsonian guides because they are a well of knowledge. It is always interesting to read about and get to know the wonders of nature. The Smithsonian Animal book is updated and revised with photos and descriptions of over 2,000 species and habitats from around the world.

Animal explores the creatures that have fascinated and inspired humans for years, from intrepid Emperor penguins to fierce Siberian tigers, to the very intelligent and highly communicative humpback whale. This updated edition introduces the olinguito, the adorable, recently discovered mammal that looks like a cross between a cat and a teddy bear, and the Skywalker gibbon found in the tropical forests of Yunnan Province in southwest China and Myanmar. 
Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas, a book packed with maps and facts that is perfect for children 6 to 8. With more than 40 full-colour maps and information it zooms in on countries and continents to show key animal habitats and locations around the world.  

Photographs highlight each continent's most iconic animals and colourful graphics take a closer look, showing the animals, plants, and habitats found within each country. Habitats are introduced and explained on visually stunning pages, from the mountains and deserts to the grasslands and tropical rain forests. We like how the facts and figures explain where the habitats are found and what the climate is like, and describe the plants and animals that live in them, making the information easy for children to comprehend. A pull-out world map poster showing selected animals is included. 
Sharks and Other Sea Creatures is packed with fun activities, crafts, reading games, and amazing facts. The engaging photographs with clear text and simple step-by-step instructions for projects such as how to create an egg carton ocean, and paper plate clown fish will make children creative and curious about what is found in the ocean. 

If you are in Canada and would like to win a copy of The Children's Illustrated Animal Atlas and a copy of Sharks and Other Sea Creatures enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below. This giveaway ends on October 19. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win.
Update: The winner is Julie
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