August 6, 2017

Marinated Meat to take when camping and Corn recipe

In the summer, we like to do camping, and I find it requires quite a bit of planning prior to the trip from what food to pack, minimum number of clothes to take, and fun things to do while there.

With our restricted diets, we have to plan what we will be eating while on the road. During camping trips, to cook over the open fire I marinate chicken and pack it in freezer bags using our FoodSaver vacuum sealer. When time permits, I marinate and freeze chicken, so we can enjoy a flavourful barbecue anytime we want. Freezer bags for this machine can get expensive, so we found cheaper alternatives on Amazon for freezer bags that does the same thing. When cooking meat, I always make sure it is well cooked by checking with a meat thermometer.  

Among the different barbecue tools the most important tool for us, is barbecue tongs. Barbecue tongs come in handy, from turning meat while barbecuing to making these delicious corn cobs on either the side burner of the barbecue or in an open fire. By the way, we found a strong and durable barbecue cover on  
This is how we prepare fresh Ontario sweetcorn.

You can salt the water if you don't want the corn to be too sweet and boil the corn with the husk for about 10 minutes. Leave the corn to rest in the water until it is ready to be barbecued. Remove the husk, and use a barbecue tong to hold the corn. Keep turning the corn in an open fire for a few minutes until it is charred to your preference. 

Serve it with butter or for a spicy option... mix a 1/4 tsp chilli powder with 1/4 tsp salt then use a slice of lemon to dip into this chilli and salt mixture and rub the lemon slice all over the corn before eating. 

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  1. I'm really liking the Peaches & Cream corn available at this time of year from local farmers. And I like your method of preparing it. Will definitely try.

  2. I love my corn but hubby always brings way to much home, but on a good note I get to freeze it so I have for the winter

  3. This looks yummy! I will definitely try it.

  4. I am anxious to get fresh corn and it is just starting in our area. Nothing better than fresh corn.

  5. this looks like a nice way to cook corn on the cob delicious


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