July 12, 2016

Win Your Copy of Please Be Nice to Sharks Book

Please Be Nice to Sharks written by Matt Weiss has fascinating facts about the ocean's most misunderstood creatures. The targeted audience for this book is children 6 to 10 years. After reading this book, readers will understand how important it is for us to care for sharks. Many people think sharks are vicious man-eaters however, the author mentions that in reality they have killed fewer than 10 people a year mostly surfboards mistaken for seals. The source of sharks' food is tiny fish and plankton because most sharks don't have teeth.
Due to this misconception and myths, sharks are hunted to extinction, as 100 million sharks have been killed each year. Sharks are killed for sport and for their fins, which is used as a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Scientists have estimated 99% decline in the shark population. There are fourteen different types of sharks highlighted in the book such as Whale shark, Bamboo shark, Tiger shark, Shortfin Mako shark, Blue shark, Caribbean Reef shark, Wobbegong shark, Great White shark, Hammerhead shark, Oeanic Whitetip shark, Nurse shark, Broadnose Sevengill shark, Lemon shark, Bull shark, and a shark cousin Manta ray. The underwater photography by Matt Weiss and Daniel Botelho along with the facts written in a child friendly way enlightens the readers on how amazing these creatures in the wild are.

Loosing sharks will be disastrous to the oceans, food web, and people. Sharks have been caring for the ocean for over 450 million years, and the other 700 thousand to one million food source in the ocean depend on this, and they are needed to keep the food chain in balance.

It is important that we learn and teach each other how to conserve and be environmentally responsible such as by eating seafood that is responsibly fished. It is best to discourage buying seafood that are irresponsibly caught using big fleets, which uses thousands of baited hooks that catch all types of ocean animals including those not intended to be caught. 

If you are in USA or Canada and would like to win a copy of Please Be Nice to Sharks Book enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below. This giveaway ends on August 8th. Please leave comments and follow my social media networks to be eligible to win. 
Update: The winner is Julie 
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