May 3, 2016

Opening Conversation with Netflix

Talking to children about behaviour, expectations, and values after watching shows and movies on Netflix sometimes feels like a natural way to start conversation for my husband and I.

We find tackling issues like peer pressure and addressing tough topics is not always easy to handle or explain to our children. However, we find that when we point out the positive and sometimes negative behaviour that characters and situations in shows present, it allows our children to openly talk about it and tell their thoughts. We have reflected about situations and spoken about topics like empathy and responsibility after watching shows and movies. 

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  1. Puffin Rock is such a cute show! I always remind myself that we have to talk about what they could learn from a show not just put it on and hope they learn. This is a good way to think about it; using it as a talking aid rather than throwing in a talk just because

  2. I have started conversations this same when after seeing it on movies or tv shows.


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