April 10, 2016

Knitted Cowl using Circular Needles

knitted cowl
This cowl is fun and easy to make. I used one ball of yarn and circular needles to knit this cowl. I find knitting the cowl using a multicoloured ball of yarn makes it interesting and unique. 
To make this colourful knitted cowl, I used...
ball of yarn
US #11 circular needle
needle to stitch the ends
knitted cowl
First cast on 49 stitches to the circular needle. 
Then in first row: K1 (knit one stitch), P1 (purl one stitch) and the next row: P1, K1 until desired width of the cowl. 
Cast off by K1 and P1 so it stays stretchy.
Attach the knitted rectangle to make the shape of the cowl using a needle and the end of the yarn.  

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  1. Pretty, bright colours! Short instructions usually mean it's easy, but I don't know the "secret" knitting code, so I'd need a bit of help if I decide to try it (lol).

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you :)
      It is knit one and purl one stitch and keep doing that for the 49 stitches in each row

  2. oh how nice is that! I wish I knew how to sew!

  3. I love this I have been meaning to get back into knitting.

  4. I have seen people wearing these and never had the pattern and wanted to make one, thanks!

  5. Very bold in colours. Looks so so soft.

  6. That is very pretty and so perfect for these cool spring days.
    The colors are perfect for anytime though.

  7. I love the colours you used with this project

  8. love the colours. the yarn looks hard to work with, though. a great idea. thanks

  9. so pretty! looks simple to make! love the colours!


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