February 20, 2016

Nominate a Canadian That Makes a Difference Through Food and Win

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I believe food plays a powerful role in building and keeping communities together. We see this both in times of celebration, as well as in times of hardship. On a regular basis, many of us help our own and other communities by either donating to food banks, charities, or simply cooking or baking and sharing with others.

There are countless Canadians that volunteer and work tirelessly to help people lead better, healthier lives with good food. They help people reach their potential, and address the critical issue of hunger that affects 1 in 6 Canadian children, and 1 in 8 families.  

Through the launch of the #FeedItForward contest, Maple Leaf Foods give Canadians a chance to recognize these volunteers. We can nominate an individual or an organization that uses food to make a positive difference in people's lives, and go above-and-beyond to help others. 
#FeedItForward maple leaf foods
To nominate all we have to do is share a story of someone we know, ourselves, a friend or a family member that helps nourish school children, deliver nutrition education for people who need support, or use food as a way to bring people together and teach valuable life skills.

There is a maximum of ten prizes, each with a retail value of $10,000 that the nominee can win towards their not-for-profit organization, as well as enjoy free Maple Leaf groceries for a year. By nominating you could have the opportunity to receive free Maple Leaf groceries for a year.  

The nominee must...
  • Volunteer with or work for a registered not-for-profit organization or community group (kids camp, community drop-in centre, school nutrition program, etc.) that uses food as a key component of supporting their program goals. 
  • The organization or community group must rely on donations for the majority of their operating costs. 
  • They cannot be registered businesses or for-profit companies. 
  • The organization must have a clearly defined strategy, vision or program for how it uses food to improve people's lives through, but not limited to, nourishment and skill building (nutrition education, meals and food hamper delivery, cooking and food preparation skills, etc.) 
  • The nominee must have a deep commitment to the organization based on either their years of service, contributions to advancing the organization's food program or service delivery, commitment to go-above-and beyond to their defined roles and responsibilities.
With this Maple Leaf Foods #FeedItForward initiative we can recognize people who reach out to others, especially those who face hunger, through volunteerism and innovative programs that advance nutrition and skill building by sharing their story today!

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  1. There are so many great volunteers in our community what a great way to thank them!! :)

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    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

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