December 16, 2015

Slipping into Handcrafted Sandgrens Clogs

I haven't worn clogs before, so I am happy to start off with this fabulous quality pair from SandgrensThe cowhide leather and the wood used in these Sandgrens clogs is definitely something to embrace and enjoy. 
Sandgrens, the oldest clog brand in the world has been making clogs for over 50 years in the same Swedish factory. They still use the same classic methods of making clogs for generations. Sandgrens transforms the finest leather and wood into high quality clogs. Once you slip into a pair of handcrafted Sandgrens clogs you will see how amazing it is!
I am happy with this pair of handmade Swedish SoHo clog boot, as it brings to light the beauty of natural materials. These clogs go well with any type of outfit and for any occasion because we can wear these clogs with pants that go over the clogs or inside the clogs, which exposes the design.
The tip sheet that came with the clogs mentions that if it is your first pair to wear the clogs a couple of hours per day for the first week or two. Due to the rigidity of the wood, our body needs some getting used to wearing it, so on the first day it would be best not to wear it for long periods of time. I enjoy wearing my pair often because it does not feel heavy. I find these clog boots are easy to get used to and feels comfortable. These shoes are on sale, in time for the holidays. You can purchase it online at Sandgrens.

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  1. wow, interested! luv the look...wary about how my foot would be inside, as I find I get plantar fasciitis often.

  2. they look great with jeans


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