November 1, 2015

My Epic Kids are Loving the LeapFrog Epic

With the fabulous LeapFrog Epic children from ages 3 to 9 years can explore kid-appropriate web, have fun with a variety of Android apps, and learn from exclusive LeapFrog games that allows them to think creatively, as well as develop skills such as problem solving. As a parent, I love that this tablet experience adapts to our growing children allowing us the freedom to expand web and content experience as our children grow, so they can have endless possibilities of exploration, learning, and play. 
I am glad that the device has parental controls, and the LeapSearch browser allows parents to control what children can access online through the pre-selected kid-safe web content. I also like that we can control what, when, and how long our children play with the LeapFrog Epic. 
I like that we were able to use our existing parent account to register and download apps. As soon as we turned on the device, it updates automatically, so we don't need to worry about updating the device time to time. The device has more than 20 apps, and we can also download exclusive LeapFrog certified content that is sold separately. 
The 7" LCD screen tablet with the Android 4.4 operating system, quad-core processor, 16GB memory, comes with an AC adaptor and an attached stylus. There are lots of educational apps, such as the calendar that allows the children to type notes, put in reminders, and more. 
My children enjoy the variety of things they can do on the LeapFrog Epic such as learn new words from the word of the day, story spinner that prompts them to put in their own ideas by responding to the questions, read and listen to stories, pet pad, learning the time, type notes, photo fun ultra, sorting, nursery rhymes, and more. 
I like that LeapFrog Epic comes with a rubber wraparound case, so it is safe when children are handling the tablet while at home or on-the-go. There is a microphone, power button, volume button, front and rear camera and video, headphone jack, micro USB connector, and a micro SD slot on the device, which is all around the wraparound case and is easily accessible. 

My children enjoy the playable home screen feature on the LeapFrog Epic that brings a town to life. They love customizing and watching the home screen town change from day to night as they play with the clock or change the weather settings to rain or snow, add animated characters, and discover surprises. By increasing the volume on the device we can hear the sounds in the town. As our children customize the town, they put in a lot of thought, which increases their imagination, critical thinking, and their observation skills, as they are more likely to pay attention and make inference to their day-to-day life and surroundings.
My son says, "I really like the town's Fire Station because there are fire truck stickers I can choose from and place it. Ones you start touching different objects on the screen it starts moving and I like that!" 
My daughter says her favourite app on the LeapFrog Epic is the art studio. She said, "I like drawing pictures using the stylus because there are lots of different pens, tools, colours, and textures for me to choose from. I think the town is cool because we can do fun things like brighten the screen by turning the clock, I can change the weather to make it rain and I like the effects. There are different characters we can put anywhere we want on the screen. We can also add noise to the background by putting cars, helicopters, and birds." 
I am glad that similar to the LeapFrog platinum, the LeapFrog Epic has the Just for Me learning technology, which allows personalization of games up to 10 different ways and this automatically adjusts the curriculum as the child plays and progresses, which helps are children to keep learning. Similar to other LeapFrog products like the LeapFrog platinum, setting up the tablet over WiFi following the on screen prompts can be done easily without any tech expertise. We are happy how benefitting the LeapFrog Epic is for our children's learning, while they have fun playing with this latest educational tech toy!   

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  1. My kids love their older LeapPad, but the LeapFrog Epic looks way better - I think they would love it! Might look at this for a Christmas present idea!

  2. I love how the LeapFrog Epic can be used for learning and that it has games that are good for different ages.

  3. Leapfrog really does make learning fun !

  4. Love leapfrog. Such a fun way to learn.

  5. Leapfrog is great and is such a fun way to help the kids learn!


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