November 29, 2015

LeapTV Gets Our Children Learning and Moving

Looking to introduce your children to a gaming console that is fun, educational, and easy to use? The LeapTV tries to be just that, as it is aimed for children 3 to 8 years. The LeapTV comes with a console, a motion sensing camera, a controller, and a HDMI cable that is connected to a HDMI equipped TV.
I like that the console is a small round shaped device that sits upright next to the TV because it does not take up space in our media center. On the front of the console there is a slot for loading games, and a power button. On the back of the console there is the HDMI connector, ethernet port, and connecters for the camera and power adaptor. I like that the front of the console glows when the unit is powered on. 
There is a swivel stand for the camera so that it can be placed in front of the TV or to be mounted on the screen. The camera reads the children’s movements, so they can interact with the screen. The controller for the LeapTV is unique because it has two hands attached to a circular unit. The controller can be used in two modes, as a standard v shaped game controller or as a pointer. I like how the controller is child friendly with curves and is ergonomic for small hands. The selection buttons are placed on one arm and there is an analogue stick on the other. To use it as a pointer press the release button and it becomes a wand to point at the screen.
We like how easily we were able to setup up the LeapTV. Once we connect the camera, power on, and plug the HDMI to the TV the rest of the setup is an easy guided on screen process. Children can setup their profiles and customize their own character. LeapTV takes into account children’s age through their profiles to determine and automatically adjust the learning for the right challenge. This is important, as it will not frustrate or bore children. There are about 20 LeapTV games according to children's age and skill level. It comes with the game Pet Play world, which teaches reading, math, science, and problem solving skills. 
Additional games can be purchased separately. Children will enjoy playing with their favourite characters Anna and Elsa, Blaze, and the Letter Factory Frogs.

Letter Factory Adventure game with Tad and Lily is for children 3 to 5 years where they get to take a train ride from A to Z and play mini games at every stop to learn the name, shape and sound of letters, build words, and customize an alphabet book and more.

LeapTV Blaze and the Monster Machines put science, technology, engineering and mathematic skills in motion for children 3 to 5 years, as children help Blaze and his friends build stunt tracks and leave the competition in the dust. 
The Disney Frozen game will be useful for children 4 to 7 years join Anna, Elsa and Olaf and learn counting, addition, subtraction, place value, shape recognition, and number sequencing, while they play the five games.

DoodleCraft for children age 4 to 7 years gets children up and creative as they design, build, paint as well as sort, observe, and match to complete quests with Mr. Pencil and explore five different neighbourhoods.

The games can be played by themselves or with a friend if you purchase another controller separately. I think LeapTV is a fun way to get children learning and moving when they are indoors. The LeapTV is at a new price $59.99 and the games are $19.99 each. 

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  1. I like gaming gaming consoles that get the children moving. I have purchased a number of Leap Frog products over the years.
    Florence C

  2. We have not run in to a LeapFrog product we haven't liked, and the Letter Factory Adventure game is great.

  3. I like the educational aspects of the technology

  4. This would be fantastic for my youngest grandkids in a couple of years! You can't beat having fun and learning at the same time.

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  5. would love to know if they have from 8 years old and up that would entertain on that console..i wanted that console years ago..i knew it looked really good..good post

  6. Awesome! Amazing things for kids.

  7. I just love Leap Frog!!! Such great games for the kids :)

  8. This looks pretty cool gadget, our kiddo is still young for it.

  9. Imteresting idea! It looks like a lot of fun for kids.

  10. Leap Frog has always been a great choice for kids!

  11. This will certainly give the kids lots of exercise, in fact anyone who joins in. :-)

  12. I want to get this for my niece!


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