August 29, 2015

Portable Inflatable Solar Lights from MPOWERD for Travel or Home Decor

We have been using the Luci Aura and Luci Lux lights from MPOWERD Inc. in a variety of occasions. We can enjoy these bright solar powered lights for 6 to 12 hours after charging them in direct sunlight for 8 hours. It is fully waterproof with a IP67 waterproof rating. I like that we can easily inflate these shatterproof lights by mouth. The portable lights weigh 4 oz. and has a 150 square feet lighting area so we can use it in a variety of situations such as boating, camping, barbequing, as night lights, at pool parties or special occasions, entertainment, and more.
Luci lights help reduce energy poverty in the developing world. I am glad now we can easily be part of lighting another person's life by purchasing these lights online, as they ship worldwide. The sales of these sun powered, inflatable, easy to carry lights in developed countries make an impact, as it lowers the cost of manufacturing and makes it more affordable to people in the developing world.

The need for light is still considered a luxury to 1.5 billion people in the developing world living without electricity. In these places, as soon as the sun goes down, children can’t study, people have to stop working, women are less safe walking outside and health clinics have to close. Kerosene lamps are the most common solution in these areas, but they are very dangerous, toxic and expensive. 

By using this Luci® inflatable solar light...
  • Families save money by replacing kerosene 
  • Entrepreneurs have more hours to be productive 
  • Children can study or play after dark 
  • Health clinics stay open later 
  • Less CO2 released into the atmosphere 
These lights are currently in 88 Countries, and helping out in places like Tanzania, Peru, India and Nepal. I like the Give Luci initiative that allows consumers to buy lights and send them directly to people living without access to light. For each solar light purchased, a home will be illuminated, approximately 5 lives will be changed and 320kg of Carbon Dioxide will be kept out of the atmosphere annually. 
With the Luci Aura: Color-Changing Party Light we can have eight different coloured lights to go with our mood by setting a color, or cycle through them all in sequence. These fun lights are fabulous in the garden, at parties, in any room, or even for bathtime. We can also string some together and use it as party decor. 

Luci Lux: Warm Frosted Decor Light is an elegant light that can be used as a portable light, or as a home decor light. Its soft frosted finish, and warm, bright glow similar to candlelight makes it perfect as ambient light. 

Make a difference to the environment and another person's life by purchasing and enjoying Luci lights. 

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  1. These would be great for camping!

  2. Oh these are so neat!!! I love their initiative so people can buy lights for those without!

  3. I think these are really neat. I love the color changing feature!

  4. Those would be great for holiday use and for camping!

  5. These are really cool. I have some high window sills that could use some of these for decorations.

  6. These are so neat! They'd be great for the outdoors.

  7. A-W-E-S-O-M-E Wow very cool =) would be perfect for our trailer


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